Build Soil or Die

Renew Your Agrarian Citizenship











We must all renew our agrarian citizenship!


Without topsoil we would not be alive. 

Without topsoil you could not have gotten here today. 

Without topsoil there would be no cars and trucks.

There would be no ships, planes or trains.

Without topsoil we could not have gone to the Moon or Mars

Without topsoil there would be no computers, smart phones, no internet!

Without topsoil there would be no food.


Call me renegade, apostate, traitor, rebel, turncoat, betrayer, defector, or am I loyalist!


I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me food liberty or give me death!


Our allegiance must be to the soil.  Without it we will parish!


I am not an artist

I am not a potter

I am not a green designer/ a permaculturalist…

Am I Coloradan,

Am I American?... or Italian, or Chinese, or Mexican, French, Russian or Brazilian?


I am Agrarian!


You are not a physician

You are not a lawyer, a banker, an engineer

You are not a carpenter, a librarian, a chemist

You are not a financial advisor or angle investor!


You are agrarians!

We are all Agrarians!    

Build Soil or Die!