Build Soil or Die

Renew Your Agrarian Citizenship

Affection's return


From where do our imaginings flow what be their ultimate fuel?

There is but one spark to fire
this fragile wondering duel.
We must avoid the tempter’s greed
to fill our ego’s purse. For in this quest lies treacherous mire where nothing hence will grow.

The secret of secrets
is held in our affections
for all of life to see.
It builds the intimate relations
luring angels
of sky
and soil
and sea.

For if these finer virtues
cannot find our fare
we will not fathom great imaginings we fall into their snare.

To forfeit or evoke,
stagnate or evolve
The latter’s gifts help all to see
and dodge their toxic yoke.

The smallest beings within the soil
are masters of the keys.
For ignoring all these little ones
brings us to our knees.

January 15, 2017
Brook LeVan, 
Chief Steward
Sustainable Settings
Carbondale, Colorado USA